英语早间课堂:Just come out and say it.


Morning!I am Juliet. Nice to meet you through network. Hope we could spend a wonderful morning together. An hour in the morning is worth two hours in the evening.

一天之计在于晨,若您有个美好的晨间生活,相信您一天的生活都是美好的,您会由此而滋生快乐之感。A hard beginning makes a good ending. 常言道:善始善终。


This morning, we are about to come to a new lesson. In this lesson I would like to share a a new short sentence with you which is also a way to tell someone to say something out honestly. Let get it from the following dialogue.

A : I'd rather not tell you everything. B : Just come out and say it. Be honest.


It is "Just come out and say it." this is a way of saying "Tell me something even if it isn't nice." Sometimes people are considerate and don't want others to get upset about it. So he say it to ask them to tell.

The key point in this sentence is the attractive phrase—— come out. It means "(of news , the truth, etc.) become to be known". (消息,真相等)被人获知,为人所知。

一桩离奇的凶杀案发生了,大家道听途说,传闻各异,最后警方竭力迅速地调查,终于有了结果,新闻媒体报道中将会说这句话以安定人心从而稳定社会秩序: The full story came out at the trial. 案情始末早审判时真相大白。

Time reveals the true heart of a man。古人曰:路遥知马力,日久见人心。Jane一直相信自己的丈夫,可是却发现从结婚的那日起,丈夫就走野了,连她的钱也花在那女人身上了,她会伤心至极地说:It came out that he's been telling lies. 后来才知道他一直在说谎。

So , just come out and say it. 意思是:请把它公布于众为人说知,快说吧。

Here "just" is used to make a request in this situation. 在这句话中,just用于表示请求,,译为“请”。 通常与could ...please? 连用。

您是个纤细女子,当然很多人都羡慕你的身段,可是everything has one more face. 你要搬个重箱子时,还得请您平时看不起的那位体重大而有力的女子求助,这时您就会说:Could you just help me with this heavy box, please? 请帮我搬搬这重箱子,好吗?

It shows that “there is no garden without its weeds.” Those girls who have a feeling of inferiority because of your figure not slim should find lighting inside yourself and get confident in yourself. 老人常说:金无足赤,人无完人。那些身材胖的人要也活得自信,您的身上总有自己发光的地方。You see, 今年Spring Festival Gala上的西单女孩不也胖吗?但是她走上了央视的春晚舞台。还有不少胖女孩不也走上了“老毕”主持的央视“星光大道”吗?人只要活得有价值就perfect了。

In addition, "just" can also be used to make an excuse. It's similar to saying"Sorry." 我们说对不起,表示歉意,用sorry说烂了,这是不妨换一种说法:I have just got a few things in work to do first. 对不起,我有些工作上的事情要先做。这句话,在这时说,it is a terrible thing to say.

这话可说不得。您一直追求的女孩希望的女友请您和她go shopping是,您说这句,你的女友 must be very angry with you and there’s much possibility to get out of your sight forever. 男人注重事业时间好事儿,但是重事业的同时,也要注意女方的细腻的情感。

【视野拓展】 I'd like to say something more about "come out". Firstly , it can refers to sun, moon ,stars appear. (太阳,月亮,星星)出来若您是个痴迷的摄影爱好者,雨过天晴后,你会激动得有一种控制不住的冲动,会说:Wow, so great! Rainbow come out and let's go and take pictures. Maybe we would get a amazing work , worthy 100 dollars.哇,太棒了!彩虹出来了,我们去照相吧,或许我们会得到一张价值100万美元的绝作。

您的摄影技术很高,拍摄得很好,可是冲洗相片人的水平太臭了,你会生气地说:You are so skilled in developing pictures. You listen, my wonderful pictures didn't come out. 你冲洗相片的技术真高呀,你看我这么好的相片给你洗得这个样子。You are skilled in developing pictures. 在本句子中是反语。So, in this situation, "come out" means "the picture is not clear when it's printed or developed". (照片)冲洗清楚。

Thirdly, “come out”can refers to (a book , an article, ect.) published or produced. For example: When his new novel come out?他写的小说什么时候出版呀?

Finally , something is spoken out, we can also use "come out". 译为:说出,讲出。我们以前谈及谈恋爱,就会ashamed, 脸红耳赤,看到如今的年轻人,我不由感叹道:At that time, we tried to say "I love you!" but the words wouldn't come out. 那个年代,我们行啊说句“我爱你”,但这话怎么就说不出口。


Please translate the following sentences into English with "come out" or "just".

1 劳驾您借我这本书看看,好吗?

2 对不起,我这样做实在是有难言之隐。

3 说实话,我好像爱上你了。

4 说实话,Bechham是英国国宝。

5 我被吓出了一身冷汗。

6 月季花要开了。

7 相片冲洗得不好。

8 住嘴,这样的话你也说得出口。

9 他讲了几个故事。

10 那年他又发表了一篇文章。