distract “在家办公”时期不在家办公,去哪儿?


vt.使分心; 使混乱


今天讲解一个词:distract,使分心; 使混乱。

这个词的前缀: dis- 1. 表示”分开,分离,去掉”; 2. 表示”否定,不,消失掉”,

拿distract 分心这个词来讲,dis分开,分离,去掉+tract拉→把[心]拉开→分心

今天的文章里用到的是它的名词形式,distraction:n.注意力分散; 娱乐,消遣; 心烦意乱; 精神错乱。

补充一个常用短语:drive someone to distraction 使某人极为苦恼


A special program titled Work Perks aims to reposition some of 94-year-old Hotel Figuero’s 268 rooms as day-use offices.


According to Managing Director Connie Wang, the set-up launched in June and is a great opportunity for work-at-home warriors to get out of their houses and spend workdays in clean, quiet and socially distanced spaces that come with high-speed WiFi, unlimited printing privileges and free parking.


“They want a calming and relaxing atmosphere, away from the distractions of working at home,” Wang said, noting that the 350-square-foot rooms sell for $129 per day, with an option to extend to an overnight stay for an additional $20. “For some people, this has become a real treat.”


Take The Wythe, a boutique hotel in Brooklyn. The hotel recently announced a partnership with co-working office space company Industrious through which it is repurposing 13 second-story guest rooms to serve as offices for up to four people.


Each of the rooms has a small outdoor terrace, and dogs are welcome. Pricing starts at $200 and goes up to $275, depending on how many people use the space.


The Sawyer, in Sacramento, California, is offering pool cabanas for use as outdoor offices, complete with fast WiFi, free parking and catered lunch for $150 per day.


cabana[kəˈbænə]: n. 小屋;有凉台的屋子;海边的换衣棚

The notion of designating hotel rooms for day-use only certainly is nothing new; Yannis Moati founded an entire company on the concept back in 2015. That company, HotelsByDay, has grown to include more than 1,500 hotels, and has seen a significant uptick in the number of inquiries for day-use bookings since the pandemic began.


Moati said the current situation will force hotels to reinvent themselves to stay alive, and he predicted that offering rooms for day-use only is one of the directions they will go.